Hair  Extension Methods  Explained

  Micro Ring            


Micro Hair Extensions are perhaps the most versatile type of hair extensions with a great many advantages over other types of hair extensions for both short and long term use. 

There is no heat, no glue, and no chemicals used in the process, can be done on all types of hair.

Micro hair extensions work by attaching hair extensions to your existing hair using very small hoops that will match the colour of the hair and allow the hair to move like real hair.

Application takes approx 2-3 hours depending on your own hair and thickness

Depending of the hair type  this technique can last up to 2-4 months. 

Micro hair extensions give a natural look because they attach to your own hair and fall in the same way. The micro loops are small enough and well enough camouflaged that they are not obvious and so your micro hair extensions literally extend from your existing hair. 

Once added you can also cut and style the micro hair extensions in the same way as you own hair to finish off the style and look or for a specific look for a special occasion

 Micro Ring Weft 


A fantastic new take on the usual Micro Ring method, combine both the micro ring attachment and a hair weft. The micro rings come attached to the weft, spaced out evenly along the top of the strip. Small sections of the natural hair are threaded through each micro ring, and then the micro ring is clamped flat to secure it in place, this  dramatically reduces fitting time, the amount of wefts needed will depend on the thickness required.

The technique avoids tightly sewing in the weft (weaves) or attaching the weft using damaging glue (liquid gold). 

Last up to 4 to 6 weeks before they will need to be tightened/reapplied. 

As a more temporary method of Hair Extensions, Micro Ring Wefts are ideal for bridal hair, weddings or other special occasions. Also great for those on a budget or for people unsure about trying Hair Extensions for the first time

Cold Fusion Great Length



Great Lengths Ultrasonic Cold Fusion is the world’s finest system for the application of human hair strands, unlike Pre-bonded Hair Extensions, this method doesn’t require heat to attach the strands and instead uses ultrasound technology. One of the newest, most modern methods of hair extensions available, very popular with celebrities and practiced in top salons all over the world. On the top of each lock of hair, we attach a thin sheet of keratin. As keratin is a natural component of human hair, it ensures that the hair extension blends perfectly with the natural hair, improving the application process by making it simple yet precise, resulting in a flat bond which remains virtually undetectable to sight and touch. Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions should last around 3 months with correct care and regular maintenance .

Tape in


This method is a showstopper. Installation is astonishingly fast and the look is seamless. Clients are raving about how Tape-Ins provide length and volume and blend easily into hair. For the application process, there’s no stress on the scalp as the tapes are flat and comfortable. This revolutionary method installs in as little as 45 minutes, so you’ll be looking fabulous in no time. And because it’s so speedy, it will save you precious time and money. The maintenance can vary from 7 to 10 weeks.

Looking after your Hair Extension

* Hair should be brushed regularly from the roots to prevent matting of your own hair. However, it is important that only a soft bristle brush is used whilst wearing hair extensions to prevent pulling out the hair extensions.

* Always make sure that your hair is totally dry before going to sleep as sleeping with damp hair can cause tangling.

* It is important to realize that your hair sheds on a daily basis as part its natural process. It is normal to loose up to 50 hairs a day. Whilst wearing hair extensions your hair still sheds but is held in place . These hairs will therefore be released when the hair extensions are removed, so don’t get in panic about it. 

*If you always use heat appliances after washing your hair such as a blow dryer, straighteners or curling tongs, try not to wash your hair more than twice a week. In theory you can wash your hair as often as you like but the less stress you put on your hair and the extension hair the better as the less drying, straightening or curling you have to do through heat every time after washing it the better.

*You can use any heat appliance you would normally use on your own hair. All you have to remember is to be careful not to get them to close or in contact with the bond as this could melt it. With the ‘Micro Ring’ method this cannot happen as the metal ring that is clamped over your hair and the extension hair cannot melt. However putting straightners over the metal ring too often could cause it to slip down your hair and result in it falling out.

*Try to use shampoos, conditioners and aftercare products that have been recommended for hair extensions only. Normal high street brands can contain silicone based ingredients or high alcohol levels which can cause bonds to weaken and dry out the hair causing it to become very dry and coarse. Putting a leave in conditioner in is good for the hair extensions as they will still need to be given nutrients and vitamins just like your own hair. A protector spray is also strongly advised to prevent heat damage to your own hair which can cause breakage with or without hair extensions. Ask your technician what brand of products they would recommend.

*Colouring  your Hair Extension 

If you dye your natural hair colour you can still keep having your t section or roots done during the duration you wear the extensions.

You can dye all of your hair if you wish whilst wearing hair extensions but you would need to have a strand test done before hand on your own hair and the extension hair as they may colour different. This is because the extension hair is a different type of hair to your own and may not dye the same shade because of this. However if you are getting the extensions removed shortly afterwards it is advisable to wait as you do not want a different shade of color left on your hair where the extension was attached if you are not getting extensions reapplied.

If you just wanted to have some more colours put in your hair whilst you have your extensions in, you can always have some of your extensions removed and replaced with different colors rather than to chemically dye your hair. We will offer this service and do this for you at your maintance appointment if you request this. 


Always brush your hair before swimming and then tie it back in a tight ponytail or a plait to prevent knotting. Always wash your hair straight after swimming (or at home) the chemical ‘chloride’ that they put in swimming pools can dry out the hair and cause matting. This goes for your own hair, not only does it dry it out and make it brittle but in some cases can cause it too change colour.

After washing your hair put a leave in spray conditioner if possible, this is just to restore the condition of your hair it may have lost after swimming.

If you are swimming in the ocean try and avoid getting the hair in the salt water if you can. Salt water strips the hair of moisture more than chlorine does and can make it become very tangled. If this isn’t possible braid your hair very tightly back or wear your hair in a very high pony tail.  


Providing you treat your hair extensions as advised and follow the precautions, guidelines and all the safety measures mentioned above your hair extensions shouldn’t cause damage to your own hair and should stay looking healthy and as natural looking for as long as possible. 

Enjoy your gorgeous look long hair!!!